Tree Love, True Love

Hello my name is Aluc. Thank you very much for visiting our store. We produce handmade products for you and your loved ones in our small family workshop. My family are my greatest teachers when creating the products I design. In fact, they often help me create more beautiful, aesthetic and functional products than I design with the little touches they make on my ideas. It makes me happy to make a product the best it can be. Because in this way, I do not betray the wood, which is valuable to me.
We want to make use of wood, which is nature's gift to us, without wasting it. While producing the products we designed, some wooden pieces have to be cut due to excess. That's why we make new designs to bring life to even small pieces that become scraps. We produce gifts, home decors and furniture that can be personalized with wood. We have uploaded some of our designs and will upload some of them after we photograph them. There is no product that cannot be made with wood. Please follow us on our etsy and social media accounts for new products.
We are happy to answer any of your special questions about our products or wood, and to share our knowledge and experience. Please do not hesitate to ask questions even if you have not shopped from our store. Be sure we will get back to you as soon as possible.