Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1-Why should you choose us?

Except for a few stores whose craftsmanship is highly respected, we are not one of those stores that sell purely machine-made or imported products on mass production counters, such as Amazon, E-bay and Etsy.
When you buy products from our store, you will have truly handmade unique products produced by masters who respect the tree and give it the value it deserves. You will also be supporting small local producers and artisans.
Although we do not have the opportunity to issue a valid warranty certificate, you can be sure that our products are produced with quality and durability that you can use for many years without any problems.
We will gladly assist you with whatever you need before and after your order, until your product is delivered to you without any problems.

2-How does the Shipping Process work?

I will prepare your product and deliver it to the shipping company within 1-3 working days from the moment we receive the payment.

I mostly ship my products by express shipping via UPS, FedEx or DHL (valid for basket amount of 100 USD or more). I send my products with basket amount below 100 USD by standard shipping.

Express Shipping:
USA, Canada and EU: 2-5 business days
(For other countries, please check the product list or ask us).

Standard Shipping:
USA, Canada, EU: 4-9 business days
(For other countries, please check the product list or ask us).

Postal services have a high load during the holiday season. Also, sometimes there may be some shipping delays due to the specificity of the work of different postal services in each country, the customs policies of the countries. As a seller, I cannot influence the process after delivering the product to the cargo company. Please be patient and give it time.

3-How can I track my order?

We will upload the tracking number to your panel after we ship your parcel. We will also notify you of your tracking number by email. Using your tracking number, you can track your parcel.

4-Customs and Import Duties

Buyers are responsible for any applicable customs and import duties. I am not responsible for delays caused by customs.

For UK and European Union countries in general, for purchases of 150 Euros or less, Shopify collects VAT at the time of shopping and transmits it to your country's authorities. For purchases of 150 Euros or more, VAT is collected during customs clearance procedures. Customs duty is a separate tax from VAT. This tax is invoiced by the customs authorities of your country at the time of entry of the products into your country in all international purchases and is usually transmitted/collected to you via the carrier cargo company.

Each country's customs policy is different, so I cannot tell you the amount you will pay. I recommend that you learn this from the competent authorities of your country. However, to give an idea, I am sharing a site link that calculates customs duties approximately:

5-How are these products produced?

First of all, we choose the timbers suitable for the product we will produce and cut them in appropriate sizes. (You can be sure that even the smallest piece is not wasted.). We generally use trees such as Walnut, Elm and Chestnut. We do not use mdf, chipboard, etc. products other than solid wood in our products.

We create unique products, each of which looks different from the other, by combining them in harmony to show the unique and magnificent patterns of solid woods brought to the appropriate size.

Each piece is handled dozens of times in order to reveal the jewel (texture-pattern) inside the tree. Our aim is to give a second life to these dead trees and to produce gifts that will make your loved ones feel special.

We do not pursue mass production, we do not reduce the quality in order to produce at a cheap price.

6-Can I customize my product? Are the watch pads free?

Yes definitely. We can engrave the logo and text style you choose from the catalog on your product. This watch will add a different look and character to your box and will be an unforgettable gift for the person you will gift it.

It definitely is. We can embroider the logo and text style of your choice from Varyoslan on your product. This watch, which will add a different look and character to your box, will be an unforgettable gift for the person you will gift it to. We will engrave your logo and/or text centered on the lid of your watch box or jewelery box. We will engrave the front and/or back of Watch Stands as indicated in the images, and the right compartment of 2-3 compartment valet trays. If you would like to have processing done in a different location, please contact us. We will help you with this. 

If you are wondering how your logo or note will look, please request a draft from us.

We will send you the completely handmade watch pads for free. 

7-Would you like a gift package?

We are gift-wrapping our products for free. We wrap your orders in kraft gift paper and decorate them with a stylish ribbon. We can also add a gift note if you wish. Please let us know your gift note.

8-Wholesale Availability

We can mass produce on order. I can offer you special prices for this. Do not hesitate to contact me for this. Unlike individual production, I may need a little more time to prepare your bulk orders.

9-Return, Cancellation and Exchange Conditions. / My product was damaged during shipping, what should I do?

I am confident that you will like your product. However, if you are still not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the product within 30 days. (Buyers are responsible for return shipping costs.)

You can cancel your order within 24 hours.

We take all measures to ensure that your order is not damaged during the shipping process. (We're even exaggerating a bit). However, we still recommend that you take your package from the cargo officer in person and open your cargo next to him.

If there is any damage to your product, ask the cargo officer to keep a report. If you did not receive the product personally and there is a damage to the product, please contact the Cargo company with your tracking number and request a report for the damage. (Keep all packaging materials until the report is issued) If you return to me with the report, I will compensate your loss. (Full or partial refund depending on your request)

10-Can you give some information about staining?

We paint our wooden boxes with Hemel Wood Oil 2c Plus or Rubio Monocoat Oil Plus 2c natural wood oils. Wood oil reveals the natural beauty of the wood and all its details without forming a film layer on the surface. We aimed to minimize smoke emission by using natural oils instead of dyes containing intense chemical substances. We care about the environment and your health.

That's why we don't offer perfectly smooth surfaces. Please note that our boxes are perfectly imperfect. In order for you to feel the warmth and unique texture of wood better, we do not prefer paints that will prevent you from connecting (contacting) with our trees, which are nature's gift to us.

The wood oils we used; Contains no solvents, water or volatile organic compounds. (VOC 0%) Also; It has EN71-3 Toy Safety Certificate, EN 12720:2014 Liquid Chemical Resistance Certificate and EN 12722:2014 Dry Temperature Resistance Certificate.